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Nimbus Studio

We have years of experience in photography and cinematography focused on capturing life's moments as they're happening.  We capture these stunning images and personal stories with the goal of pulling the viewer back to the moment they were created, enveloping them in the emotions at the exact moment the shot was taken.  By combining our practiced and proven fundamental photography techniques with your visions and moments, together our goal is create unique memories of your experiences.  Forever.

E-mail or contact us and together we can make your vision a reality.

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Nimbus Learning Series 

In addition to our personalized photography and cinematography services, we also offer a number of free and paid learning module programs with topics on wedding, portrait, wildlife, and landscape photography.  The lessons contain basic and advanced information on the tool usage, lighting tips, and post-processing techniques in order to help other enthusiasts better their craft.  Our love for camera-work means that we are thrilled to help others experience the joy of capturing memories for themselves.

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